TransMormon – A Personal Perspective

This is a short documentary about my friend Eri – a transgendered Mormon. We worked together a little over a year ago, and she fundamentally changed my perspective on transgendered individuals. She is an amazing person and I think her story is worth sharing. I think it’s a really beautiful documentary, particularly the insights from her parents, who are devout Mormons themselves.

My experience with Eri has reminded me that the walls of our prejudices have a tendency to crumble as we choose to associate with and befriend those who are the targets of our prejudice; through actively choosing to “mourn with those that mourn,” and empathize with those we might not be inclined to associate with at first blush.

I had a similar experience several years ago that initially taught me this lesson. During my freshman year at BYU I became hometeaching companions and friends with Steven, a homosexual Mormon. Like Eri, getting to know Steven fundamentally changed my perspective on homosexuals. I recently found out that Steven has chosen to remove his name from the records of the church. Understandably so, he doesn’t feel there is a place for him in the church. While I do not consider myself an activist, I can say that knowing both Eri and Steven has been a blessing in my life, and it is our loss if we lose them. Regardless if there are parts of their lifestyle that you disagree with, I think it is essential that we get to know and understand people like Eri and Steven. We will all be made better by such an effort. I know I have been.


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